Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Website, Blog, Shop Items

Hello world!
I just wanted to post that I am actively posting on Thursday (and one Monday a month) over at Virtually Vegan Sisters, a blog run by my sisters and me (I'm "Ana Belen" otherwise called "Eco-Vegan" :)

Also, exciting news! I launched a website:

If you're interested in staying up to date with various giveaways and discounts I offer, please like me on Facebook! This week I'm doing a giveaway on Opal Never Shouts so check it out before it's over.

Finally, I have all my holiday items up on Etsy. Ecofriendly and handmade winter greeting cards, memory games and calendars for the upcoming new year!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at ana [at]

cheers and peas,


Monday, May 24, 2010

Windy Crafty Friendly Green LB!

Saturday was Green Long Beach and wow! what a day!

It's a festival set up by the Green Long Beach movement organized by many of my friends, and this year was the festival's second run. I participated in the first one last year (it was my first booth ever actually) and I'm thrilled to have been a part of this year's event with my sister and her boyfriend sharing a booth.
my line of non-toxic cleaning products & recipes
(verde homemade)

Below are pics of our offerings. I wish I would've taken pictures of the lovely people that showed their support (I was probably too busy talking to pick up the camera) so I want to thank 'em all here: Silvia, Tanya, Ty, Shanron, Tiffany, Chris Lyles, Julie, E.G., May, Ofelia, Lisa, Chris & Dawn, Marisa & Gustavo, Mariberto & puppies, Mr. Bandini, and so forth. Thank you thank you thank you!

You guys make me miss the city but I'll be back in less than a week to host our Argentinian Cooking Class with TsSpace!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

boredom is a luxury

Office work is getting more stressful by the hour, and most of my creative projects are on hold this weekend. I'm preparing for festivals which means printing, cutting, folding, stamping and the like--no time to develop my calendar, take naps or read except before slumber. Craft fair season is upon us!
Here are the things I did have time for today:

Walk around the neighborhood/downtown SB...(are these giant figs? who in their right mind would let them go to waste like this?)

Candle light is the best way to read in bed; I'm glad I learned this in my youth...

I made arroz con leche sans dairy with cinnamon and a touch of cardamom.

botanical diversity provides such beauty in the green-dominated canopy

oh the places you'll go! I redacted this list late one night this week, off the top of my drowsy head...

And finally, I made my first loaf of bread! (recipe here) This photo is of the dough after 20+ minutes of kneading... I later added sundried tomatoes and basil in a swirl. It was good, but I definitely need more practice before I move out to the country

Hopefully I'll have more images of my calendar project progress soon... I'm really eager to work on it but simply haven't found a good chunk of time to sit and dive in.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

weeks end

it was a good one. plenty of work, good conversation, inspiration, contemplation, and accomplishments.

I got to work a bit more on my calendar collages which was great albeit challenging and I'm very happy about picking up embroidery again. It's one of those crafts that completely suits my character but that I have yet to perfect. I was able to make two different designs while immersed in dialogue which was wonderful so that when the time comes to sell them I won't focus so much on how many hours it took me to do each tiny little design but more on just getting them good new homes.

pleasant sunday y'all